The Christmas market in Freiburg

When the 46th Freiburg Christmas Market opens its doors for business in the middle of the town centre visitors will have the opportunity to marvel at, buy and enjoy the many arts and crafts and delicious treats on offer at the over 130 individual stalls.

A feature of Freiburg‘s Christmas market will once again be the huge range of handmade artistic products on offer. These include ceramics, designer candles, hand puppets, amber jewellery and Christmas decorations. Moreover, on many stalls it will also be possible to witness the creation of the finished products at first hand.
Various traditional Christmas treats and delicacies are, of course, on offer to make sure that no visitor goes home hungry. From ginger cake and biscuits, to good, hearty food and a wide selection of punch and mulled wines, much of it from local producers.
For younger visitors too there is also plenty of opportunity to join in the fun: The Christmas bakery on the Kartoffelmarkt offers youngsters the chance to bake their own biscuits, while the candle workshop in Franziskanerstraße allows them the chance to create their own candles; not to mention the glassblower who, after demonstrations, is more than happy to let the young ones have a go. On the 6th December Saint Nicholas will be passing by the square in front of the town hall at 5pm, bringing gifts for the children and taking time to read from the Christmas Story.
For those who want to escape the hurly burly of the market for a short while, the daily advent church service in the St. Martins church on the Rathausplatz, every day at 5:30 pm, is well worth a visit. Edgar Spiegelhalter‘s life-sized wooden carvings depicting the nativity are displayed in front of the church. 

Christmas market dates for the coming years:
2018: 22.11. – 23.12.2018
2019: 25.11. – 23.12.2019
2020: 23.11. – 23.12.2020